The only Candidate Supported by any Public Safety Association


Bob Norris




Coming from a working-class family, Bob has learned that values and service take priority over personal gain and vanity. He already knows the responsibilities and duties of all aspects of the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office, so he can quickly transition into the role of the Kootenai County Sheriff. His background includes:


A 30-Year Law
Enforcement Career

Bob has worked patrol, custody, narcotics, gangs, investigations, counter terrorism and emergency preparedness. He finished his career as chief of law enforcement services for a population about the size of Kootenai County.

An Active Supporter of
the 2nd Amendment

Bob believes the 2nd Amendment is a sacred right that must be defended, especially by our Sheriff. He is an avid supporter of conceal carry, often shoots in his spare time and is a Lifetime Member of the NRA

A Proven Law
Enforcement Manager *

Bob has managed small and large teams on a number of assignments throughout his law enforcement career. Before retiring he managed a multi-million-dollar budget and a staff of over 150 public safety professionals.

A Leader of Elite L/E Teams

Bob was selected to lead an anti-terror Team at the Joint Regional Intelligence Center after 9/11. His assignment was to manage personnel and resources from local, state and federal agencies. His responsibilities also included the planning, logistics and response to man-made and natural disasters.

A Current Member of The
Kootenai County Sheriff’s
Search and Rescue Team

As a current member of the KCSO, Bob already has a deep understanding of the inner workings of our Sheriff’s Office and the existing needs of our community.

A Supporter of
Transparency-Based Policing

Bob has seen first hand the benefits of crime reduction through proactive, transparency-based policing. He also believes that law enforcement can play a critical role helping at-risk youth. We can develop non-governmental programs to help the young find positive guidance and avoid a criminal career path.

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Kootenai County is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. Having a candidate for Sheriff -- with proven law enforcement leadership -- like Bob Norris’ will ensure that the Sheriff’s Office will keep pace with the County’s growth and keep our communities safe from dangerous criminals. Please give him your support and your vote!

* Leadership Footnote: Bob was promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant while working in counter terrorism during 2009 by the Sheriff himself. Bob was often selected for many of the coveted leadership positions because of his thoughtful and approachable demeanor with his Deputies, public safety professionals and the citizenry he served. His objective-oriented management style started with identifying the best quality staff within his unit and then to delegate them the responsibility to meet the department’s objectives and fulfill its mission of protecting and serving. The LASO is the largest Sheriff’s Office in the world with over 18,000 people employed. It is not uncommon for large numbers of Deputies to support leadership causes, which included Bob Norris in 2002 (seven years before his next promotion) when he was already a Sergeant. Unlike thousands of deputies who were significantly more active in support of their leadership, Bob felt it would give the appearance of impropriety and favoritism when promotions became available. In 2004 Bob began the process of obtaining his TOP SECRET/SCI Clearance. This is the highest level of access to the country’s most sensitive information. There is no other Top Secret clearance higher than this. It involves an extensive background analysis of Bob’s finances, his character and personnel file with the Sheriff’s Office. Every two years they review his credit reports, bills and lifestyle for inconsistencies. And yearly he must pass a polygraph lie detector test where they validate that Bob is living within his means, isn’t mishandling top secret information or receiving money from outside sources. It was this continuous vetting of Bob that can give the residents of Kootenai County confidence that they have a solid candidate for Sheriff who will be serving them. As a leader, Bob focused on delegation and accomplishments. The result of this leadership attitude has filtered down to the patrol Deputy, where they can emulate his style to create a more friendly and productive relationship with the community they are dedicated to serving.

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